From the bedroom upstairs

From the lounge downstairs you view  the entrance and the alcove/bedroom

Relaxing and reading downstairs

Dining with a view downstairs

Deck outside the cottage

 In the kitchen you will find enough for 6 guests. There are a frigde, freezer, stove, coffee-maschine, press-can, toaster,pots and pans.And warm water to do the dishes, of course.

The kitchen is fully equipped for 6 persons, frigde with freezer, stove ,coffee-maschine, pots and pans aso.

Alcove /bedroom downstairs

Sleep well

A glimse in to the lounge upstairs

Down the hillside after hiking

Late August-evening, view from the cottage

The snow is melting in the sunset

Winter-wonderland ,the ski-track to the mountains close to the cottage.

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